IdeaLab is an Innovation Software Suite developed to help companies solve the challenges of the 21st century.

Unified Feedback

The average company has multiple touchpoints with consumers: phone, email, in-person, blog comments, social media, and forums. It's nearly impossible to get useful data out of all these different channels. Because none of these platforms are specifically intended for feedback, most consumers are unwilling to share their ideas and real needs with you. The Collective Innovation IdeaLab System gives you a unified feedback platform, which results in a 5X increase, on average, in idea engagement.

Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Many companies are left behind by the rapidly changing tastes of consumers. IdeaLab uses advanced analytics and algorithms to let you know instantly when customers needs are changing, so you can serve them before your competitors have the remotest inkling of a change in the wind.

Increase Nelson Rating

Research has shown that the amount of people who would you rate your company a 9 or 10 as willing to recommend to a friend is highly tied to your profitability and growth. That same research shows that you need to have positive engagement with customers in order for them to become your brand ambassadors. IdeaLab gives customers a place where they can positively engage by sharing their thoughts on product and service improvements. It lets them know you care about their opinion and this, in turn, makes them want to become a partner in your success.

It's Hard to Be at the Top

Executives and upper-level management know how hard it can be to get feedback from those below them. Worse yet, those towards the bottom are the ones closest to the customer and product, and least likely to be involved. Being on the frontlines they know the problems, solutions, and opportunities that can result in substantial revenue increases. The IdeaLab Innovation Suite can be used as a complete private tool to give everyone inside your organization a chance to sound off and to provide essential feedback.

Instant Digital Focus Groups

IdeaLab features InstantPoll, your own digital focus group system. Input absolutely anything you want to test - ideas, decisions or designs - and you'll get results right back to you within 48 hours. InstantPoll was designed to help reduce frequent, long meetings and allows an organization with 10,000 employees to move as fast as one with just 10.

Take the Pressure Off Customer Service

As much as 10% of the inquiries you're receiving are not questions but actually ideas for product and service improvements. Free up your agents to focus on helping customers find the right product and send your feedback to your own organized community where it can be better qualified.




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