Best A/B Testing Optimization Software


Few things can deliver as much return on investment as website optimization, even a single change that takes mere minutes can lead to huge increase in revenue. A great deal of web design and marketing relies on experience and intuition while Optimization gives you statistically accurate ways to measure the effect of any number of changes. You’ll be able to change buttons, change text, change layout, add to your value proposition, add media, add reviews and experiment with different shipping prices and quickly see how that affects your bottom line. The goal of optimization is to make the user experience easier, create less anxiety for a purchase and help focus in on those things most likely to influence them. While this applies to all pages, it’s particularly meaningful for e-commerce since you’ll easily be able to measure the total impact on revenue. You can make many of these changes without writing a single line of code as the below services have graphical editors. Detailed analytics allow you to track not just a single goal but to see how your change affects the overall experience of a user. You can change a single item page and track not just the sales of that single item but overall revenue, how does it alter their total buying experience and other secondary metrics like signup, engagement, bounce rate, etc. Here’s a list of five of the best A/B testing platforms that will help you get started to increasing your revenue and optimizing your website.


ab testing unbounce

Unbounce allows you to create powerful landing pages and gives you full creative control with better marketing results. The user friendly super-simple interface of this software makes it very easy for the beginners to use. You don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML. A drag-and-drop tool can be used to drag in text, images, maps, and videos into your page. One unique feature of Unbounce is that it offers 80+ pre-designed landing page template thus making it easier for new business owners to get started. If you want to perform A/B testing on your landing page, the Unbounce subscription allows you to do so.

Price: $49/month – $199/month





Optimizely is the world’s leading A/B testing platform that provides services to the top brands. It is dramatically easy to use and it provides best experiences on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps. There is no need of having technical expertise to use optimizely. Just create an experiment with its simple visual interface, gather immediate results and make data-inspired decisions to improve your business.
Price: Pay as you go.


3-Google Analytics Content Experiments:

The Google Analytics Content Experiments provides users the distinctive opportunity to make use of data from Google. Within the program, the split-test page variants allow you to split-test a single page into around 10 versions. Each one is delivered to the user from a separate URL. Choose the objective you want to test and compare the performance of different websites using a random sample of users. Although Google Analytics is an excellent A/B testing software, it is not recommended for beginners, only an expert analyst can properly use this software.

Price: Free


4-Visual Website Optimizer (VWO):

visual website optimizer

VWO is the world’s easiest one-click install A/B testing tool. The visual editor allows setting up the test within minutes. Just hit up your website and click on whatever you want to change; the buttons, images, color schemes, headlines or any other element. If you are not sure where to start from, the IdeaFactory is there to help as it gives you access to 300+ testing ideas. A report is generated to show the performance of pages. The built-in heatmap tool makes it easy for you to understand your visitors by tracking what they click and what they ignore.

Price: $49/month – $999/month




KISSmetrics is a popular, person-based analytics product that helps you with the identification as well as improvement of the metrics that drive your online business. The information gathering process is made quite simple to help you with marketing decisions and improvement of  products. The KISSmetrics JavaScript library can be used to run an A/B test which randomly assigns a variation (only A or only B) to each visitor. It makes sure which variation the visitor always sees and records it. You can now refer to it to check if the results are significant enough or not. KISSmetrics also includes many other marketing optimization features.

Price: $200/month – $2000/month

See one that you love that is not on the list, share in the comments!

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