Building a Map Based Idea System


IdeaLab features many unique features but by far the most unique is the map based idea system. This allows you to set any number of icons and allow people to submit ideas as locations. Context can be added, ideas can be discussed and voted on and analytics helps you narrow down those ideas worth perusing. Stores can use it to have customers suggest potential locations and to gather that actionable data for when it’s time to open up a new location. Governments can use it to get real-time feedback on areas needing improvement. In the example below IdeaMap is being used to categorize, discuss and vote on potential oil exploration sites.



Each map based idea then automatically determines the address and stores it in the database. You can store and solicit an unlimited number of categorized locations and can access that section through a special analytics interface or download the raw data at anytime.




Setting up IdeaMap takes just moments. Just make sure your setup on an Enterprise account and logged in as the admin user, click the drop-down and head over to admin. Find the option for IdeaMap and click the on button.



Now that your system is active, you can choose from a large variety of icons or upload your own. Click the checkbox to activate which icons you want, you can also rename them which is what is used to categorize what they represent. You can upload as many icons as you want, just make sure they are 50×50.


Now that you’ve got your location based IdeaLab ready to go you’ll see a new menu item called Suggest A Location. You’ll now have access to Analytics under Analytics>IdeaMap.


You can also export all your ideas by simply going to Analytics and clicking the export ideas button. Now you can import all your location based ideas into any other programs you may be using.



Here’s some examples of IdeaMap in action.

Community IdeaMap



Utility IdeaMap




Neighborhood IdeaMap



State Parks IdeaMap



Refinery IdeaMap



What potential uses could you think of for IdeaMap? Share your ideas in the comments.


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