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Engage with Students

Allow students to give feedback on their courses, share ideas and take a more active role in their education.

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Collaborate On Research

Track all your research ideas, have an open discussion and get quantifiable data on which you should persue based on voting data.

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Engaged Faculty

Use as an internal private tool to discuss ways to improve the educational experience. Comes complete with an e-mail voting system to get a quick consensus on any decision.

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Location Based Data

Ideas and feedback can be submitted in a map-based system, giving you the ability to gather ideas as locations. Map analytics gives you an easy overview to see where you should be focusing your energy.

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Absolute Control

Completely customize your IdeaLab to be consistent with the style of your institution. Our Design Editor makes it a snap to change images, text and colors. Use your own URL, appoint moderators, download users and ideas, all with the click of a button.

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IdeaMap E

Allow your faculty and students to identify problems and improvements by location. Voting will further help show public support and allow open dialogue with comments. View all the data you need in one map to see what needs to be done for your school.

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Powerful Analytics

Get actionable insights emailed automatically to your team or log in to your dashboard to drill down by date and category.

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Public or Private

Special controls let you specify your system as public, invite-only or internal only, depending on your individual preferences.

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User Levels

Members receive points based on each comment, vote and new idea. Create custom user levels to help your users feel more engaged and recognized for their contribution. One click download allows easy sorting to see your most loyal members.

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Stunning on every Device

IdeaLab instantly transforms and adapts as a sleek, professional interface on every screen: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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Issue a challenge directly to your members for something you want to focus on. People can post ideas to help solve your challenge and are helped along with special features like a countdown timer and participation incentive generator that allows you to issue prizes. Harness actionable ideas for community improvements, waste reduction, safety and more.

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Instant Poll E

Run your own e-mail voting campaigns to help decide how to proceed on issues. The Instant Poll feature allows you to take any design, name or idea and to receive instant actionable feedback. Instant Poll also contains privacy control features that allows you to decide who gets a say.

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