IdeaLab: A New Kind of Open Innovation Platform


Open innovation means allowing everyone a voice at the table. Each individual has a unique perspective to add and can identify opportunities and problems that you otherwise may not see with the traditional closed innovation model. At Collective Innovation our focus has always been on increasing engagement, since your personal and organizational success is based on the buy-in and active participation of your community. We’ve spent the last couple years studying and testing various new options and after completing our research we went about building a new IdeaLab that could create the highest level of engagement. We’re excited to release this new open innovation platform with a host of new abilities that will help make sure your crowdsourced lab is a success.


Anonymous Idea Submission:

Any barriers to idea submission can result in decreased engagement. Many people don’t want to signup for an account but would rather just submit their idea. IdeaLab now allows anonymous idea submission direct from the homepage. You’ll be able to select whether you want this option in the Admin>General menu, when it’s on anonymous users will be required to solve a captcha. Our research has shown a 200% increase in ideas from allowing anonymous idea submission.


Awesome Button:

Up and down voting is a great way to qualify an idea but we found that use of a positive affirmation button like the awesome button resulted in a 55% increase in engagement. Because the ultimate goal is to get as much participation as possible so your data is quantitatively strong we recommend use of the awesome button. You can turn this button on or off from the Admin>General menu. Turning on the awesome button will automatically turn off the down vote option.

awesome ideas

Moderate on Submission:

You might decide that you want to collect ideas but you don’t necessarily want all those ideas displayed publicly, especially when you haven’t had a chance to look them all over. To moderate ideas before there are publicly posted just select the following option to YES:





As people submit ideas they will show up in the ‘Review Ideas’ section, which admins and moderators have access to.


You can then go through and approve the posts.



User activity is encouraged through elements of gamification and public recognition. Submitting ideas, voting and commenting all earn points. These points are also associated with special titles which can be edited in the Admin>Categories section. We believe it’s important that those who take the time to share with you their thoughts and needs should be recognized.




Map Coordinates Setting:

You can now set exactly where you want your default map zoom. Simply find the LAT/LON of the location and set your preferred zoom level in Admin>IdeaMap.



















You can get started by building your own idea management site here.

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