What is BPM? Business Process Management Explained


Business Process Management is a term used by businesses for over a decade that describes a process for executing and improving any process. BPM is any process that would define a flow of business-type activities and then connecting the activities toward a business transaction.

The official definition from bpm.com:

“Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.”

Business Process Management is therefore defined as a specific planned process that is followed by the whole team. Websites are devoted to the process, its rules, and some even offer training and certification.

Business Process Management

BPM is not simply making an improvement to your business. The system of Business Process Management has to have an end goal with multiple steps to achieve its success. BPM needs to be an end-to-end outline of the process with a beginning and an end. During this official process, teams will identify the area in their business that they would like to improve on, define what is causing the problem, and create a model of measurable steps they will take to reach their goal. There are different ways to design this model as long as it includes all the steps needed to make sure that the process follows the designed development.

By using the official definition above, the process must contain some and any combination of the following steps:

Modeling which will identify, define, and make a model of the steps of the complete process to present the idea about the process to the team.  

Automation which is the building of software or machinery in anticipation of the steps that will be taken to start the BPM process.

Execution which will assign tasks to team members and the steps to be completed, sometimes done by software.

Control which will spell out the management of the process in the form of guidelines, training, and manuals.

Measurement which is the quantitative units of measure that will determine how well the process is working in the steps and when the goal will be reached.

Optimization which is the steps showing that ongoing activity will build over time to steadily improve the measures of the process.  

Enterprise which is the organization of people who are working together to meet the common goals.


BPM Software

Computer programs for Business Process Management are available to guide your team to a successful goal. A decade ago they were developed specifically for BPM. Now BPM is incorporated into many other functions that businesses use for successful processes. Think of BPM as a bridge between IT and business procedures. Specifying steps and goals in a measurable flow chart keeps communication open between management and team along with their client. Ranging from “on premise” to online cloud, most are easy to learn and offer simple templates with drag and drop features. Common features in BPM software will include process applications, business analytics, document storing and management, and collaboration tools.

There are three types of framework for BPM software programs:

Horizontal type is focused on IT for projects that include customer approval and modifications.

Vertical focuses on assigned tasks and have templates to fill in.

Full-service is a combination of both. It includes initial brainstorming, designing the project, creating rules and workflow, along with simulation and testing.

Benefits of using BPM software

Ø Manage your project from beginning to end

Ø Consolidate all documents and data

Ø Clearly show the steps to your goal

Ø Monitor your progress

Ø Open communication between management and team members


Popular BPM Software


Integrify integrify.com

  • Easy to use workflow software
  • Agile Development based
  • Route your process blow based on data and users
  • Available in the cloud, private cloud or on-premise


BP Logix Process Director www.bplogix.com

  • Helps both IT and business users
  • Creates workflow
  • One of the most advanced BPM programs
  • Available on premise and in the cloud


ProcessMaker www.ProcessMaker.com

  • Open source
  • Approval-based workflow charts
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop interface
  • Available both in the cloud and on premise

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