What Is Remarketing?


Remarketing refers to the ability to serve an ad to an audience based on a certain interaction they have already had with you. For instance you can serve an ad about peanut butter to someone who visited a page about peanut butter on your website. Remarketing is popular with digital advertisers because it allows them to serve ads that are specific to a consumer’s desire, right when they are in the research phase of buying.

The most common platforms for remarketing involve using Google Adwords and Facebook. With Facebook you can enable remarketing by adding a small code onto your website and with Google you can use your existing Google Analytics code to remarket. Those who want an easier to use service go for AdRoll. You can be as specific as you like, here are some examples:

  1. Select a special ad to show people who have purchased from you in the last 60 days.
  2. Show an ad for a product they might need based on a particular purchase they made.
  3. Show an ad for people who have researched on a particular product in the last 45 days.
  4. Show an ad for people who have abandoned a cart on your website.

The goal is to give people the extra info they need to get them through the buying funnel. Remarketing isn’t just used for product oriented ads but also for branding ads, things that reinforce what sets you apart from your competitors: quality, features, design, personality. If you have a limited budget remarketing is a more effective way of spending it since instead of showing ads to random people who don’t actually need your product at the moment you are showing ads to those who are actively looking to buy.


Dynamic Remarketing is for those with large sites and lots of products. By uploading a specially formatted xls or csv file with all your product information (name, price, description, image link, etc) Google can automatically generate all the ads in every size imaginable. Visit MusciansFriend.com and within a couple hours you’ll see dynamic remarketing in action, guitar ads for the exact instrument or category you were looking for.


Dynamic Remarketing Example

Moments after looking at Musicians Friend for an acoustic guitar I received this ad. Remarketing is specific and timely.






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